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We streamline LLC registration, manage paperwork and compliance, and offer comprehensive financial support for entrepreneurs. Partner with us for a trusted path to small business success.

Make your business official.

Business Type
Legal Structure
Ownership & Management
Asset Protection
Purpose & Mission
Doing Business As (DBA)
Not a separate legal entity; a trade name or alias used by an individual or business.
Owned and managed by the entity using the DBA.
Taxation depends on the underlying legal structure (e.g., sole proprietorship, LLC).
Provides no inherent personal liability protection.
Used for branding and marketing; mission aligns with business activities.
NonProfit Organization
Organized under state and federal regulations for charitable, educational, or other specific purposes.
Governed by a board of directors; no traditional owners.
Exempt from federal income tax if meeting criteria; may be subject to other taxes.
Directors, officers, and members have limited liability.
Mission-driven, serving charitable, educational, or specific purposes without profit distribution.
A corporation is a separate legal entity from its owners (shareholders). It has a formal structure with shareholders, a board of directors, and officers.
Shareholders elect a board of directors who appoint officers to manage the company.
Can be taxed as a C Corporation (subject to double taxation) or an S Corporation (pass-through taxation).
Shareholders typically have limited liability, protecting personal assets.
Corporations are for-profit entities focused on maximizing shareholder value.
LLC (Limited Liability Corporation)
Combines limited liability with operational flexibility.
Owned by members; management can be by members or managers.
Flexible taxation options, can choose pass-through taxation or corporate taxation.
Members have limited liability, protecting personal assets.
Versatile structure for various for-profit and non-profit purposes.
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